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Cassettes can be bought here:
www.facebook.com/Arkan-Records-1402118380087170/ (message for details)

"Hikikomori" is included on the Flower Jar Media 2016 Benefit Compilation. All proceeds go to Equality Florida and The Center Orlando.

"Hatsuyuki" is included on Jailbird Blues Volume 1. All proceeds from this compilation go to the Prison Book Program.

"Hatsukoi" is included on The Trevor Project Compilation. All proceeds go to The Trevor Project.


released April 13, 2016

Recorded 4/2/16 and 4/3/16

Tracked & Mixed by Steve Roche @ Permanent Hearing Damage

Mastering by Adam Cichocki @ Timber Studios

Allen Nunez - Guitar
Anthony Webster - Guitar & Vocals
Christopher Rodriguez - Guitar
David Moncada - Bass
Jhon Rodriguez - Vocals & Piano
Mark Boulanger - Drums & Shaker



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MASSA NERA Linden, New Jersey


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Track Name: Hatsukoi
I don't have it figured out
The concept of living
Cause I'm still barely breathing,
Barely pushing forward.

Isolation has brought me to my boiling point (cold shoulder)

Internally dissatisfied
Emotionally washed out
Sick taste on the tip of my tongue
Need something to get the lashes out

Eyes laid to rest
Hands gripped together
Feels like hot coals
burning down my throat

Pacing back and forth,
Repetitive, self-involved and
focused on trivial things.
You're just concerned on my well-being

Yo tengo confiansa en lo
que me Ase sintir Vivo

I'm biting down
Hanging by a thread
Strings snapping
Coming at me

I'm spread thin like stripes across your cloth
Track Name: Hatsuyuki
Eyes filled with
nothing more than dark thoughts.
To blind my eyes and
traumatize my mind.
Hands torn,
face disguised with lies.
Face on the mirror,
who should I be today?

I don't know what I'm doing,
or where I'm trying to go,
and all I know
is that I won't be missed.

Me encantaría aprovechar de tu piel.
Destruirme y ayúdame a recordar que mi alma
es todavía frágil como una flor

Lo esto y intentando
A enterrar pensamientos
Mi cabeza dando vueltas pued
es mantenerme constante

Disregarded by many
Ridiculed by the rest

Head weighed down
Thoughts in the gutter

Stirs my gut and soul,
that I still feel alone
Track Name: Hikikomori
Know your place, and stick
to where you belong.
Erasing memories of great
things leaves you stranded.
Remember when you were happy?
Those times you felt weighed down?
They're equally valid,
equally a part of you.

Proving a point is meaningless.
I'm eloquently showing effort,
but you haven't seen bones snapping.
The way I left was insensitive.
Chasing after the first unapparent thing.

The outsiders looking in
with so much remorse.
My hands held out to all.
No one takes them in.

I'm tired of neglect.
The people I kept so close.
Intentions aren't met
so I'm just a recluse.